If you do not throw yourself into the breakers, how will you ever meet the one who frolics in the waves? 

--Zen Saying

The Auckland Zen Centre is a Buddhist community supporting authentic Zen practice and training in Auckland City, New Zealand.

 Auckland Zen Centre fundraiser: 
                                Writing in the Present Moment
During Labour weekend (Saturday 20 October, 2018), Richard von Sturmer is offering a workshop on Writing in the Present Moment. For more information see here.

 One-day sitting 21 October 2018

        One-day sittings offer the opportunity to refresh and deepen your practice, or to try out a more extended sitting schedule for the first time. 
        Come for all or part of the day, but please sign up at the zendo or email info@aucklandzen.org.nz if you plan to attend. 

 Meditation in Auckland

        Workshops are in a two-part format, and include:

  • detailed instructions on sitting and walking meditation
  • how to establish a daily practice at home
  • developing mindfulness in daily life.

After you have attended the two-part introductory workshops you are welcome at any of the sittings offered by the Centre. The next pair of workshops are 27 October and 3 November. (both Saturdays).

If you wish to attend please register here

                     Auckland Zen Centre Zen Meditation Workshops

 Meditation Supplies 

  • For meditation cushions, mats and benches handmade in New Zealand visit Dharmagear or call 09 550 4383.
  • T-Shirts AZC  T-shirts are now available in black and charcoal. See here for details and picture

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