If you do not throw yourself into the breakers, how will you ever meet the one who frolics in the waves? 

--Zen Saying

The Auckland Zen Centre is a Buddhist community supporting authentic Zen practice and training in Auckland City, New Zealand.

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                    Our introductory workshops are in a two-part format, and include:

  • detailed instructions on sitting and walking meditation
  • how to establish a daily practice at home
  • developing mindfulness in daily life.

After you have attended the two-part introductory workshop you are welcome at any of the sittings offered by the Centre. The next pair of workshops are 22 and 29 February 2020 (both Saturdays).

If you wish to attend please register here

We make traditional meditation zafus (cushions) and zabutons (mats) here at the Centre. If you would like to try these out or purchase, please visit during our office hours (8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday to Friday). 

  • For more information and mail order options visit our website at  Dharmagear.

Auckland Zen Centre has now declared a Climate Emergency. This declaration is a way of affirming (to each other and to the wider community) that we are committed to the difficult work of facing the current climate crisis, exploring its roots in human greed, fear and denial, and its social and ecological consequences, and then doing what we can to alleviate suffering.

In doing this, we join hundreds of other Buddhist communities, faith groups, councils, cities and nations around the world, in order to serve and live in harmony with our living planet and all its beings as best we can. For more about the declaration and the work we are already doing at the Centre, see our Compassionate Action page.

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