We offer regular formal sittings, a full range of ceremonies to mark important days of the Buddhist calendar, and sesshins (Zen retreats). Dharma talks, teishos, and dokusan are offered frequently in conjunction with formal sittings. For newcomers, Introductory Workshops are held approximately every two months. Centre members may apply to do full time or day training. We also offer meditation instruction at local UniversitiesAs well as these formal activities, we are involved in our local community in many ways. See our compassionate action page for more information.

Dates, times and locations of all events are given in our calendar
Please call or  contact us by email before your first visit to the Zendo, so the can answer any questions you may have. 

Every week we send out an email update letting people know what is coming up, and several times a year we send a longer email newsletter. If you would like to receive the updates or newsletter please email your request to