Mindful Exercise 

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Mindful Exercise Classes 

The exercises will be aimed at improving agility and strength of mind and body. Emphasis is on alignment, breath work, and mindful exercise drawing on yoga/ pilates/ tai chi and other body-mind based exercise practices. The exercises allow for modifications so they are accessible for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Dates: Tuesday 24 July - 25 September 2018.  2019 dates TBA.

Day: TBA

Location: Auckland Zen Centre, 50-52 Princes St, Onehunga

Cost: The class is offered on a "Give Freely, Receive Freely" (dana) basis -- suggested donation is anywhere between $5-$10 per class

About the  Instructor

Hanya Gallagher lives in Auckland and is a Zen Priest with the Auckland Zen Centre.

Hanya's background includes many years in martial arts-both hard and soft styles-plus working in several fitness centres around the country.  She has trained in tai chi in Yang and Sun systems to a teaching level and has been a yoga practitioner for the last 30 years.
She started her Pilates career in Christchurch where she trained in Group Pilates with the Australasian Pilates Institute under Allan Menezes. After doing further training with Polestar Pilates in Auckland, specializing in rehabilitation and one-on-one studio work, she set up her own company in South Canterbury called Active Wise where she had a studio and taught for 8 years. In addition to training in Pilates, tai chi and yoga, she has a degree in Physical Education specializing in Kinesiology and has completed a post-graduate diploma in musculoskeletal medicine.

Hanya has developed a programme for the Auckland Zen Centre that incorporates not only her background in the field of body practice but also her meditation practice. The class will help support people who currently meditate as well as those who wish to gain more awareness around movement and its affect on their mind.