Day of Renewal

The Day of Renewal workshop is open to anyone who has been to an Introductory Workshop, and is suitable for beginners and people who feel in need of a back-to-basics boost. The day includes a review of instructions for breath-practice, rounds of guided sitting, exercises helpful for developing the flexibility needed for cross-legged postures, explanation of some aspects of zendo ritual, and discussion of how to work with some common pitfalls, plus a Q & A. There is instruction in going to dokusan (private encounter with the teacher), and the chance to try it out.

A vegetarian lunch is included, and a donation is appreciated.*  Please note that attendance at an Introductory Workshop is a prerequisite.

*All donations, large or small, will be gratefully received. The Centre relies on donations and volunteer hours to pay for our building, furnish our zendo, run our office, and offer workshops, sittings and other programmes. Please give whatever feels appropriate to your circumstances and to the value you put on the experience -- suggested range for donations $25 - $60.

Last Day of Renewal for 2014
6 December
10 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. 
Register by the Thursday preceding the workshop. This is the last workshop in this format. For 2015, please see below.

Workshops in 2015
NOTE: in 2015 we are presenting our meditation workshops in a new two-part format. If you have attended an introductory workshop prior to 2015 you can attend the Part Two workshop. Please contact the centre.

Dates are as follows:
28 February
28 March
16 May
25 July
17 October
5 December