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Environmental Actions

Buddha Touched the Earth

Public Talk by John Seed

Friday, 7 p.m.
31st March 2017

Auckland Zen Centre
50-52 Princes Street
Onehunga, Auckland

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On the eve of his enlightenment, the Buddha was assailed one last time by Mara, the force of negativity and doubt, who challenged him by asking, “By whose authority do you claim this supposed enlightenment?” As depicted in countless figures, the Buddha replied by touching the Earth, and the Earth roared her assent.

The Buddha was born under a tree, enlightened under a tree, died under a tree and spent most of his life in the forest.

In this presentation, John Seed explores the many synergies between Buddhism and deep ecology. See http://fore.yale.edu/files/Seed_buddha-touched-the-earth.pdf John Seed has been a Buddhist meditator since 1973 and has been professing the philosophy of deep ecology and facilitating experiential deep ecology since 1988.

Deep Ecology is a term coined by the late Arne Naess, professor of Philosophy at Oslo University who saw a psychological or spiritual disease underlying our destruction of the natural world. He proposed that underlying all the symptoms of the environmental crisis lies the illusion of separation between humans and the rest of nature and that this stems from anthropocentrism, the notion that human beings are the centre of everything. As this split is thousands of years old he claimed that we're not going to be able to think our way out of the mess that has been created; "Ecological ideas are not enough to save us, we need ecological identity, ecological self"

The talk is open to everyone. A donation is appreciated. All dana received on the night will be donated to two programmes John is supporting,  indigenous survival in India and Mothers' Radiation Lab Fukushima.

SEE BELOW for A 4 PDF colour poster for printing/downloading and distribution.

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