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Climate Emergency Declaration


On the 28 May 2019 Sangha members met to discuss the option of declaring a Climate Emergency. There was unanimous support from those present for the draft declaration. AZC staff subsequently created an online survey to gain further input from the Sangha. There was almost unanimous support expressed in the survey results as well -- one Sangha member supported strong climate action but did not support the concept of a climate emergency. On 19 June 2019 the AZC Trustees unanimously adopted the declaration, with minor amendments to the wording. 


A fundamental part of our Zen practice is to know suffering, to let go of reactivity, and to learn to respond from a place of spaciousness and compassion. In our Mahayana tradition, we also have the Bodhisattva precepts to guide us, and a central vow is to cherish all beings and live harmlessly. 

Declaring a climate emergency at the Centre is a way of affirming (to each other and to the wider community) that we are committed to this difficult work of facing the current climate crisis, exploring its roots in human greed, fear and denial, and its social and ecological consequences, and then doing what we can to alleviate suffering.

The Declaration

We, the Sangha of the Auckland Zen Centre, together with its spiritual director Sensei Amala Wrightson and the Board of Trustees, declare a Climate Emergency. In doing this, we join hundreds of other Buddhist communities, faith groups, councils, cities and nations around the world, in order to serve and live in harmony with our living planet and all its beings as best we can. 

By declaring a Climate Emergency, we commit to:

  • incorporating climate crisis considerations into the life of our Centre, our decisions, practices, purchases and policies

  • advocating strongly for greater central government and city leadership and action on climate change

  • treasuring and deepening our practice, which enables us to find love, compassion, joy, equanimity, and the courage for action in the midst of uncertainty and change.