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Earth Day

Each autumn we celebrate Earth Day, an opportunity for the Sangha to come together to honour and help our planet.
Our ceremony includes chanting, prostrations, and a monetary offering that is donated to an environmental cause chosen each year.

Earth Day banners hanging on a wall above the meditation mats in our zendo

After the ceremony we generally take on a community project, such as tree-planting, gardening, or rubbish clean-up.
However, everyday really needs to be an "Earth Day". The Centre recognises the severe threats that pollution and climate change pose to our collective wellbeing.
The Centre is a signatory to the Buddhist Climate Change Declaration (see PDF attached below) and Sensei has addressed environmental issues in a number of talks and articles including several published in Zen Bow 
(see PDF attached below) .

Amala-Sensei and Hanya at a public demonstration. The sign that Sensei is holding says 'What will people power overcome?'
Auckland Zen Centre Onehunga, Auckland,
12 Feb 2018, 17:59
Sally McAra,
2 Feb 2018, 15:24
Auckland Zen Centre Onehunga, Auckland,
12 Feb 2018, 18:18