Urban retreats (2-4 day sittings, based at the Centre)

Urban retreats coming up
  • 26 - 27 April 2020
  • 23 - 26 October 2020
Urban retreats offer a chance to deepen your practice under the guidance of a teacher, with a daily schedule that is suitable for beginners and others for whom sesshin is too demanding.  Open to practitioners of all levels. Options are available for part-time participation if space allows.

Note that the urban retreats are non-residential. Participants from out of town need to arrange accommodation.  Locals please let us know if you have room for someone to stay.

Typical daily schedule for a 2-day Urban retreat:
Day One: 
8:30 a.m.tea ceremony/ opening talk followed by zazen with dokusan
10:30 morning tea
11:00zazen / kinhin 
12:30lunch and rest 
1:20zazen with dokusan
3:20samu or group exercise
4:40 chanting service
Day Two: 
8:30 a.m.zazen and teisho
10:30 morning tea
11:00zazen / kinhin 
12:30lunch and rest 
1:20zazen with dokusan
3:20    samu or group exercise 
chanting service
retreat ends 
NOTE: Lunch is provided by the Centre. A donation is appreciated.  
Suggested dana for 2-day urban retreat at Zen Centre: Casual Participants: $30/day ($60 total); Supporting Members: $25/day ($50 total). Dana information
Apply here if you wish to take part.

One-day sittings (based at the Centre)

One-day sits coming up
  • 1 December 2019 
One-day sittings offer the opportunity to refresh and deepen your practice, or to try out a more extended sitting schedule for the first time. 
Come for all or part of the day, but please sign up at the zendo or email info@aucklandzen.org.nz if you plan to attend. 

  8:30 talk / zazen / kinhin /dokusan
 10:30   morning tea
 11:00  zazen
 12:30 p.m. lunch
 1:20  zazen / kinhin /dokusan
 3:20 group exercise / samu
4:05 zazen
NOTE: Lunch are provided by the Centre. A donation is appreciated.  Dana information

Daily Training at the Centre

People may also elect to attend the Centre at other times and take part in the daily training schedule which includes both work periods and sittings. For more information and to apply go here.