Sesshin (7-day silent retreat)

Sesshin offers a unique opportunity to deepen your practice in a supportive atmosphere and to contribute to others doing so as well. Sesshin is conducted in disciplined silence, with every aspect of the day geared towards focusing single-mindedly on the present moment. Dokusan (one-to-one instruction with the teacher) is offered three times a day, and voluntary sitting, outside of the formal rounds, is encouraged. 

  • Prior zazen experience is required for sesshin. If you have not sat before with the AZC, attendance at an Introductory Workshop (and at weekly sittings if you live in Auckland) may be required.
  • Part time attendence at sesshin (two days or four days) is possible. Please discuss options with Sensei, especially if you have not been on sesshin before.
Sesshin Dates 

Friday 21 - Friday 28 August 2020, Winter 7-Day Sesshin, Bella Rakha FULL -- applications closed

Friday 8 - Friday 15 January 2021, Summer 7-Day Sesshin, Bella Rakha
Friday 30 July - Friday 7 August, Winter 7-Day Sesshin, Bella Rakha

Fees and other information
  • Fee for 7-day sesshins at Bella Rakha: 
    • Attending the whole sesshin:
      • supporting member: $665 waged , $560 unwaged
      • non-member: $735 waged , $630 unwaged
    • Attending one or more full days: 
      • supporting member $95/day waged , $80/day unwaged
      • non-member $105/day waged , $90/day unwaged
    • Attending a section:
      • supporting member $30/section waged , $25/section unwaged
      • non-member $32/section waged , $27/section unwaged
  • Payment is due in full before the start of sesshin unless special arrangements have been made.
  • The deadline for applications is two weeks prior to the sesshin start date. 
Please call Sensei at (09) 550 4383 if you have questions.