Sesshin: Emergency Contact Information

Please give the relevant numbers below to family members to use in an emergency. Participants are asked to switch off their mobile phones at the start of sesshin, and not to turn them on again until afterwards. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR FAMILY KNOWS YOU WILL NOT BE CHECKING YOUR MOBILE! 

When sesshin is in Onehunga, the Zen Centre number is 09 550 4383.

When sesshin is at Aio Wira Retreat Centre, in an emergency, family members should call 09 810 9396 or fax 09 810 8269. 

Please note: There is no mobile coverage at Aio Wira. 

When sesshin is at St.Francis Retreat Centre, please call 09 625 6651 or fax 09 625 7384. 

When sesshin is at Bella Rakha, leave a message, including a number to call back, at 09 818 8880, or text a callback number to 027 314 9440. Click for map