Sesshin Schedule


Check-in time varies -- usually between 5 and 6 p.m. -- followed by supper, orientation and sitting from about 8:00 p.m. You'll receive an email with details.

Day One to Final Day 

4:10 Wakeup 

4:30 Outdoor Kinhin 

4:45 Zazen* 

5:15 Chanting Service 

5:45 Zazen with dokusan 

7:00 Formal Breakfast 

7:20 Samu (work practice) 

8:30 Rest 

9:30 Zazen 

10:15 Teisho 

11:05 Zazen 

12:30 Lunch (informal), rest 

1:30 Zazen with dokusan 

3:30 Chanting Service 

3:50 Group Exercises 

4:40 Zazen 

5:15 Formal Dinner, rest 

7:00 Zazen with dokusan 

9:30 Four Vows 

* The standard round is 35 minutes, followed by kinhin (walking meditation). 

Final Day 

As above until after teisho, followed by zazen with final dokusan, lunch, and work practice (packing up, re-setting Princes St zendo). Work finishes by approximately 5:00pm.