Contact us:
Please call or email us before your first visit.

Telephone: (09) 550 4383
Postal Address: P.O. Box 109 729, Newmarket, Auckland, 1149

Find us in Onehunga:
Our Zendo is located at 50-52 Princes St, Onehunga. See

Visit the Auckland Transport website for journey planners, schedules and fares.
  • The Onehunga train station (Onehunga line) is one minute's walk from the Centre and trains run every half hour weekdays and weekends.
  • Buses numbered 008 - 011, 302, 304, 305, 328-354 and 392 all pass through Onehunga. The main bus terminal is by the Onehunga Library, in Church Street, just a few minutes away.
Parking spaces are available directly in front of our building and on the street. We have Passrite's permission to use their parking spaces for evening sittings and on Sundays. Passrite is two doors down from the Centre, on the corner of Princes and Selwyn St. Please do not park in front of the plumber's business just beside our building.

Find us on Facebook
We have an Auckland Zen Centre Facebook page - you can find us by searching for "Auckland Zen Centre" on Facebook. We use this page for public messages and events and to record major milestones in the life of the Centre. We also have a Facebook group informal discussion, sharing ideas and inspiration, posting photos and so on- you can find the discussion group by searching for "Auckland Zen Centre Discussion Group" on Facebook.

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Every week we send out an email update letting people know what is coming up at the Centre, and several times a year we send a longer email newsletter. If you would like to receive the updates or newsletter please email your request to


Our Zendo is on one level and is wheelchair accessible (including an accessible toilet).