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A Home for the Auckland Zen Centre Sangha - fundraising information

Update, August 2016:

The first stage of our new Zen Centre building development has been largely completed, thanks to the generosity of our many donors. We've now occupied the wonderful new premises for over two years. We're currently editing a short video to update our many generous donors and helpers.

Here are some photos taken since we moved in.

Our home base in Onehunga

(fundraising information from 2014)

A peaceful, welcoming and accessible urban centre; a sanctuary in the midst of the busyness of Auckland; a long-term home for the AZC Sangha. The major hurdles to achieving all of this have already been cleared -- finding an affordable property in Auckland’s overheated market, and getting permission to use it as a "place of assembly". Now we just have to complete the job!

On 28 February 2014 we took possession of a large single-storey warehouse in Onehunga, and over the next few months we will transform it into a Zen centre. When finished the zendo will be quieter, better ventilated and more spacious than our present one. There'll also be a full kitchen, a comfortable library area, more office space, a sound-proofed dokusan room, separate women's and men's changing rooms and a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Much generosity has made this purchase possible. Most of the funds have come from the Paramita Trust (set up by Sensei and Richard) in the form of an interest-free loan, with the remainder coming out of the Centre's Building Fund (consisting of dana from New Zealand and overseas donors saved over the past 10 years).

The Centre still has reserves to pay for all the consultants needed for the building consent application, a contractor to do the major alterations, and the $29,000 needed to replace the roof (we reduced our offer by this amount this when we discovered the roof was rusty during our due diligence period). But we need to raise an additional $30,000 to $40,000 to complete all the work. For more details, see the "Capital costs" document and draft plans at the bottom of this webpage.

We are already receiving much valuable help from the Sangha in the form of free or discounted architectural services, insurance brokering and structural engineering advice, not to mention all the hours that the Trustees and Centre staff have put in to get us to this point, and we expect to do a lot of the dismantling and finishing work ourselves, but funds are needed to complete the job.

Can you help? 

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  2. If you need information about the mechanics of how to donate, see below.
Many thanks!

Information for New Zealand-based donors

  • The Auckland Zen Centre is a registered charitable entity (CC20537) in terms of the Charities Act 2005. 
  • Donations are tax-deductible for New Zealand residents (IRD #94-887-291). 
  • Internet transfers may be made to Auckland Zen Centre, Kiwibank #38 9005 035812500. 
  • Cheques should be made payable to the Auckland Zen Centre and either placed in the donations box at the Centre or mailed to Auckland Zen Centre, P.O. Box 109 729, Newmarket, 1149. 
  • You may also use your credit card via PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button below, though there are charges, so other methods are preferable. Note: because of the way the account was set up, PayPal will email you that your donation has been received by Kathryn Argetsinger.
Information for overseas donors
  • For US residents who wish to claim a tax deduction, donations may be made to the Rochester Zen Center with instructions designating the funds for the Auckland Zen Centre account.
  • Cheques in US dollars may also be mailed to Auckland Zen Centre, P.O. Box 109 729, Newmarket, Auckland 1149, New Zealand. For US tax deduction, see previous point above. 
  • Internet transfers may be made to Auckland Zen Centre, account number #38 9005 035812500, Kiwibank Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand; SWIFT CODE: CITINZ2X. Please include a reference with your cheque or electronic payment detailing the purpose of the payment.
  • You can also use the PayPal "Donate" button below. Note: because of the way the account was set up, PayPal will email you that your donation has been received by Kathryn Argetsinger. 


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