The Sixteen Precepts

The Three Refuges 

I take refuge in Buddha, and resolve that with all beings I will understand the Great Way whereby the Buddha seed may forever thrive.

I take refuge in Dharma and resolve that with all beings I will enter deeply into the sutra treasure so that my wisdom may grow as vast as the ocean.

I take refuge in Sangha, and in its wisdom, example, and never-failing help, and resolve to live in harmony with all sentient beings.

The Three General Resolutions

I resolve to do no harm.

I resolve to do good.

I resolve to liberate all living beings.

The Ten Cardinal Precepts

I resolve not to kill but to cherish all life.

I resolve not to take what is not given, but to respect the property of others.

I resolve not to engage in harmful (unkind or unwise) sexual relations, but to be faithful and responsible.

I resolve not to lie but to speak the truth.

I resolve not to cause others to take intoxicants, nor to do so myself, but to keep the mind clear.

I resolve not to gossip about the faults of others, but to acknowledge my own shortcomings.

I resolve not to praise myself (and disparage others), but to speak with humility and extol virtue.

I resolve not to withhold spiritual or material aid, but to give them freely where needed.

I resolve not to indulge in anger, but to practice forbearance.

I resolve not to revile the Three Treasures, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, but to cherish and uphold them.