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The following comments were made in a survey conducted by the Centre in 2015.

I practiced elsewhere in the past and must say the AZC has the best introductory workshop so far! It focuses on the practice and gives detailed instructions, which is very helpful even for those who have practiced before! People who are new to sitting are definitely in good hands and get a good start with all those tips!

I appreciate the frequency of sittings, so I know I can visit at a lot of different times during the week. I don't take much advantage of this, but I value it nonetheless. The other thing I appreciate is the tone of the Centre – I never feel as if I am being judged on my attendance or absence. I really appreciate receiving a warm but not nosy or overbearing welcome from the Centre regulars and staff.

So glad there is a Centre to go to when I have the time! Keep it up people :-)

Thank you for all the work you do in building Zen practice in NZ.

I think you're doing a great job towards the localisation of Buddhism, especially what I read on the website about how you contribute to the community on Earth Day and especially the letter writing to people in prison made me want to join.

I am very happy to be part of the Zen Centre. It's amazing, and I am very thankful for all the work done to keep it alive

For me the Zen Centre is an authentic place for the practice of zazen with the support of an experienced, open and empathic teacher that leads the practice by example.

I hope the Centre can continue to operate long into the future. The challenge of making the Centre sustainable even with a change of guard is important to me.

I feel the Auckland Zen Centre is an amazing facility and I would like to try to involve myself more regularly. I feel blessed that it is there and we have a great teacher in Amala to guide us. I would love it to thrive and prosper and continue to affect all life in a compassionate way.

I think the AZC is well run and offers a great place for those who wish to further themselves in Zen Buddhism. Our Sensei is a remarkable teacher and we are lucky to have her. The practitioners seem to take their practice seriously and the Centre is important in our lives. It would leave a huge gap in my life and I suspect those of many others were its services not available.

I think the Zen Centre is a beautiful welcoming community and I feel really privileged to be a part of it even though I live so far away.

Even though I now don't attend the Center, I have carried forward Sensei's teaching and guidance in the time I spent with her. It was very precious to me.

Many thanks to all those who participate in the background life of the Centre and keep it alive and functioning. As a less regular member I am very grateful to have the centre (both in physical reality and also in my mind) as a place that I can locate myself and my practice in. 

Thank you for all the wonderful dharma work you are doing!