2019-11-29 Newsletter

From Sensei

USA Visit

It is good to back after a flying visit to the States, which packed in a lot in a fairly short amount of time -- a wedding ceremony for Ananta Bruekner and John Botsford, a 7-day sesshin, and trips to Louisville Kentucky and Cleveland Ohio to offer public talks, an introductory workshop, a precepts ceremony and two all-day sittings. There was some time for R&R -- including a wonderful concert by the Cleveland Orchestra and a trip to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  

Religious Diversity in Aotearoa

Last February I attended a four-day training to become s facilitator for religious diversity and anti-discrimination workshops which are being offered by the Religious Diversity Centre Aotearoa. Suddenly, post 15 March there is increased interest around the country in learning more about people of different faiths and becoming aware of one's religious prejudices. 

mosque attacks  /religious diversity workshops / stepped down from NZBC chair

Climate Emergency

    process -- declaration

    green network -- Dharma Rain

    green team


Members Meeting Reports Available

Every year around September the Trustees present the Centre's books to our members and Sensei gives a report on the activities of the past year,

Six-Monthly Update on the Centre's Finances. 

Sangha News

    See below for some photos we received from Jared Maybeck (formerly Elliott) in Rochester. Jared married Margo Maybeck inAugust. He will remain on staff at the Centre until his three-year commitment is up in October 2020

On the Horizon

Visiting Monk

Our friends at the Auckland Centre of Mindful Living have asked if they can host a public talk by a visiting monastic, Thay Phap Hai (Dharma Ocean), at the Centre. Australian by birth, Thay Phap Hai is a senior brother at Deer park Monastery in California and was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh in 1997 and sanctioned to teach in 2003. He's know for his ability to share complex teachings in an accessible and humourous manner. He will be speaking at the Centre Tuesday evening, 14 January. 

Dharma Discussion

We are happy to also be hosting a visit from Ron Hogen Green, Sensei, and his wife Cindy Eiho Green of the Mountains and Rivers Order on Sunday 9 February. Hogen-sensei has been engaged in formal Zen Practice since 1978 and spent 12 years in residential training at Zen Mountain Monastery before returning to lay life in 2007. He received Dharma Transmission from Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi, in 2014.  Hogen-sensei and Eiho-san were both students of Roshi Philip Kapleau prior to training with John Daidi Loori, Roshi.