2021-05-06 Newsletter


"A First Class Horse Moves at the Shadow of the Whip"

This phrase, which appears in a koan in the Hekiganroku, came to me when I read an account in the New York Times about the dire situation in India right now. The saying comes from a discourse by the Buddha, the Patoda Sutta, that seems particularly relevant for the moment in which we find ourselves. It is about four kinds of horses

Update on Zen Centre's 2019 Climate Emergency Declaration

Back in the middle of 2019, along with many other organisations, the Centre declared a climate emergency. At the most recent Trustee meeting Robin presented a report on the the three broad areas:

By declaring a Climate Emergency, we commit to:

  1. incorporating climate crisis considerations into the life of our Centre, our decisions, practices, purchases and policies 
  2. advocating strongly for greater central government and city leadership and action on climate change
  3. treasuring and deepening our practice, which enables us to find love, compassion, joy, equanimity, and the courage for action in the midst of uncertainty and change

We were heartened to see that we have in fact made efforts in all three areas. Of course these actions are but drops in a vast ocean -- but drops can over time wear away stone. Under the first heading of incorporating the climate crisis into our decisions and practices, we have undertaken EKOS Carbon Friendly certification. Our second commitment was advocating strongly for greater central and local government leadership on climate change. As well as participating in four SS4C (School Strikes for Climate) marches, we have made submissions on 7 climate-related initiatives, including the massive Te Pou a Rangi / Climate Change Commission Draft Advice. Our third commitment was to deepen our Dharma practice in the context of the climate crisis.  

For a PDF of the full report see the compassionate action page of the website. -- ?

-- Sensei


Report on Survey -- Zoom for Earth Day and Tuesday nights (coming soon)


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