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Empathy Circle NVC (Non-Violent Communication) Workshop

Next session: Wednesday 3 May, 7-9 p.m

I will offer an evening of deep listening in the form of an Empathy Circle on Wednesday 3rd May 2017 at the Auckland Zen Centre, 50-52 Princes Street, Onehunga from 7:00 p.m.

Although the evening is co-created I am willing to facilitate. The evening could start with a short led meditation to tune in and a short description of the premise of NVC (Non Violent Communication).

The circle will start with an Individual sharing “what’s on top”. If the person who has shared is comfortable to have their sharing reflected, the person who previously spoke reflects what they have heard. Apart from reflecting the gist of the sharing a focus on what you believe the person is feeling and needing (valuing) is helpful especially what needs are being met or not being met. This is guess work and intuition is often corrected or expanded by the sharer, thus giving themselves and others a clearer picture of what is going on.

After the sharing round we could either split into pairs and practice a similar process as above but use a specific life event or stay in one group with a variation of the above. From experience, the process is very organic therefore I feel cautious about planning out the complete evening.

As the evening ends we come back together and share any celebration or mourning of the evening events.

I will provide lists of NVC feeling and needs (values) words which can be helpful.


Grant George