Auckland Zen Centre Sitting Robes

Fabric may be purchased from the Centre for $20 and a pattern is available if you would like to sew your own robe. 

If you would like a robe sewn for you, you may contact Jeonju (Nikki) Shin: 

Mobile: 021 067 9924

Material and sewing a robe costs $120. The price for the sewing only is $100 (includes delivery, but not the fabric) which may be transferred to 12-3028-0692778-00 after you receive the robe and are happy with it. Nikki is happy to make adjustments if it doesn't fit well. 
You will also need to pay $20 to the Centre to cover the cost of the fabric. (Nikki has the fabric.)

The following measurements, in centimetres, are needed. It is preferable to arrange for Nikki or another sewer to measure you:

1. Edge of shoulder to edge of other shoulder

2. Waist

3. Base of neck to waistline

4. Base of neck along shoulder to wrist

5. Base of neck to ankle (i.e. finished length for robe)

Please email your measurements, and send a text to say that you have emailed.