Live streaming and podcasts from the Auckland Zen Centre

Welcome. Here you can listen live to any of our scheduled formal sittings 

Instructions: Wait for the Zen Centre to come on-air (usually we are on-air 5 minutes before the sitting is scheduled to start). Once we are on-air an arrow button will appear on the right hand side of the panel below. Click on the arrow to start streaming.
You can also sign up with Mixlr (our streaming platform) and access the live streaming from there. If you follow us on Mixlr you will get an email alert for each live streamed sit. You can also chat before or after sittings on Mixlr if you sign in. See Auckland Zen Centre on Mixlr.

Sensei gives a talk (teisho) as part of the Tuesday evening sitting several times a month. All teishos (talks from Sensei) are streamed as well as being recorded and made available as soon as possible (see Latest Weekly Talks link below).

Listen to Saved Talks

Latest Weekly Talks  Downloadable format.

Complete Catalogue of all AZC recorded talks. The catalogue has a description of each talk and is searchable. To search the catalogue, select 'Recorded Talks' in upper left-hand corner; then use the lower of the two search boxes on the right to search by title or topic. Please note that it is NOT possible to download the talks directly from this site. After searching the catalogue, make a note of the date and title of the talk you'd like to hear, and then download it from the Complete Archive (below). 

Complete Archive of AZC recorded talks. Downloadable talks, but not searchable by topic. Use Complete Catalogue above to search for talks.

Jukai Preparation Talks

  • Volunteers donate their time to produce these talks, and the podcast page costs money to run. If you enjoy listening to our podcasts, please consider making a donation.

  • All proceeds are to benefit the Auckland Zen Centre. 

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